Fashion ‘From Hell’

From Hell movie: Johnny Depp and Heather Graham

When it comes to Johnny Depp movies, From Hell is definitely my favorite one. It makes sense that my favorite Depp film would be a period drama (not that he hasn’t done a ton of those). But what really captures my interest with this film is it covers one of history’s most famous unsolved cases — one that has always particularly fascinated me: Jack the Ripper.

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Capturing Cassandra’s 1930s Fashion

cassandra: I Capture the Castle

Greetings to all my period drama lovers and fashionistas! I realize I have sorely neglected my blog, and I can only hope you’ll forgive me! I have been suffering from a serious case of blogger’s block, but I think I’m all better now and can start posting a bit more frequently than once a month or once every two months.

The last period drama fashion post I did dealt with Rose’s whimsical style from I Capture the Castle. I now present you with Part II of that post where I’ll show you how to dress like a modern day Cassandra Mortmain. Continue reading

Classically Polished: Must-Have Nail Polishes for Fall

Lollipop posse lacquer: Full As Much Heart nail polish collection

Let’s face it: Fall Fashion > Spring/Summer Fashion. I think this applies to makeup as well, and that includes nail polish. I typically lean towards rich, deep-colored nail polishes, so whenever spring comes along, I struggle to lighten up my nail polish palette. Luckily, with it being October, I can wear my dark colors without fear of looking out of sync with the season. Yippee!

dark nail polish for fall

Those looking to add to their fall nail polish collection will rejoice in these beauty discoveries that I recently made. These varnishes are perfect for classic literature and period drama lovers such as myself. But even without that, these colors are both unique and gorgeous and are sure to appeal to anyone with an eye for beauty.

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Corsets & Costume Dramas: Discover Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Perfume

Forever Sexy Perfume by Victoria's Secret with Corset Bottle

Hello period drama and fashion lovers!

I thought I’d do a quick post on something that recently caught my eye. Victoria’s Secret has a new perfume that was inspired by the seductive quality of corsets. Since my very first blog post covered corsets, and they’re also a period drama staple, I just had to let you guys know about it!

The perfume is called Forever Sexy, and the bottle is definitely that. It is wrapped in delicate pale pink tulle and features an eye-catching black lace-up corset design in the back. I mean, how awesome is this? This perfume is literally wearing a corset.

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