Fashion Face Off: Battle of the 1930s Bombshells

I’ve always been a sucker for the silky, slinky evening gowns of the 1930s. So for this Fashion Face Off, I thought it would be great to showcase some lovely satin 1930s-style gowns. Cecilia from Atonement, Pamela from Dancing on the Edge, and Anne from Glorious 39 all don shining examples of this stunning type of gown. I thought I’d also provide some vintage examples for reference:

1930 women's evening gowns
1930s evening dresses
Jean Harlow in a 1930s style evening gown
Jean Harlow (Via

Gorgeous, right? I so wish I had a super fancy event to go to, so I could wear a gown like those!

And now, here are our period drama heroines in their striking gowns:

Keira Knightley as Cecilia in Atonement green dress
Keira Knightley as Cecilia
Dancing on the Edge Joanna Vanderham as Pamela in evening gown
Joanna Vanderham as Pamela
Romola Garai as Anne in Glorious 39 red gown
Romola Garai as Anne

Side note: Anyone else besides me notice that these are Christmas colors? That was definitely done by accident. Christmas has come early I guess!

Who Wore It Best?

1930s Satin Gown

I’m providing more pics of these amazing gowns to help you come to a decision and also because they make for some serious period drama fashion eye candy!


Keira Knightley Atonement 1930s green gowngreen dress from AtonementKeira Knightley in the green dress from Atonement

Atonement green dress GUF


Dancing on the Edge Pamela fashionPamela from Dancing on the EdgeDancing in the Edge Pamela in gold dressDancing on the Edge Pamela screencap


Glorious 39 movie: Anne in red dressRomola Garai in Glorious 39

Glorious 39 red dress screencap
Grainy quality, but this was the best full front view of the gown I could find.
Glorious 39 movie: 1930s style red gown
Love the back!

Romola Garai wearing a red dress in Glorious 39

Alright period drama lovers, you have a very serious task ahead of you. You must determine who wore the 1930s evening gown look the best. Are you green with envy, going for the gold, or seeing red?

By the way, if you haven’t checked out my very first Fashion Face off, go ahead and give it a gander here. And in case you were wondering, Marie Antoinette won against Lady W by a landslide. Seriously, Lady W didn’t earn a single vote! Ouch, lol.

Let me know in the comments why you voted the way you did! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. That way you’ll never miss a single post! 🙂



19 thoughts on “Fashion Face Off: Battle of the 1930s Bombshells

    1. Hi Ruth! Sorry for the late response! I just got back from visiting Seattle.

      Thanks so much for nominating me! I am soooo behind in my blogging. I think I needed a bit of a break from it because it was starting to feel less fun and more like homework. But I definitely do plan on continuing with my blog! Is there a time limit for the questions? Hopefully, I can find some time to make a post for them this weekend 🙂


  1. I’m obsessed with period dramas so thank you for this post. The fashion in the shows and movies is just amazing. Romola Garai and Keira Knightley are definitely two of my favorites, always drawn to period dramas. Cool post. Have you ever thought about sharing your writing on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to introduce you to the platform. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my blog.


  2. Hey Tiff! I just saw a few eps of The White Queen this weekend and I LOVE it! I was wondering if you’ve seen it, I reckon it’s right up your alley. And the costumes are quite gorgeous.


    1. Hey! I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it. My (somewhat) embarrassing admission is I don’t really care for period dramas about the royals. I know that’s pretty crazy considering how obsessed I am with period dramas, but for whatever reason, they’ve never been my cup of tea. It’s also the main reason why I’ve never seen The Tudors despite finding Jonathan Rhys Myers super swoon worthy, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post as always Tiff! I LOVE the shade of green of Cecilia’s dress in Atonement, it’s just so memorable and Keira’s got the figure to wear such clingy dress well. I do have a soft spot for Romola Garai but I haven’t watch Glorious 39. I actually did watch a couple of episodes of Dancing on the Edge but never finished it for some reason.


    1. Thanks, Ruth! That green color is definitely very striking. Glorious 39 is a pretty good and eerie movie. You should check it out if you love Romola!. I really liked Dancing on the Edge, and I definitely think it’s worth finishing. I loved the costumes, the music, and the suspense. Although, I did find the conclusion to the mystery to be a bit anticlimactic.


      1. I might check out Glorious 39 for Romola. Funny I just saw her in Vanity Fair which I rewatched parts of it this weekend. She’s so underrated, always get supporting roles when she’s capable in leading roles. Btw, I’m almost done w/ Love & Friendship review for later this week so hope you’ll stop by then!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Pamela looks the best. Unlike Cecilia (who has a fabulous dress), her clothes fit her well all around, and Anne’s hairdo doesn’t seem to fit the collar of her dress.


  5. There is no contest because Keira Knightley’s character’s dress is too gorgeous to be trifled with. Cecilia looks stunning, chic and sophisticated. Green has never looked so good.


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