Fashion ‘From Hell’

When it comes to Johnny Depp movies, From Hell is definitely my favorite one. It makes sense that my favorite Depp film would be a period drama (not that he hasn’t done a ton of those). But what really captures my interest with this film is it covers one of history’s most famous unsolved cases — one that has always particularly fascinated me: Jack the Ripper.

From Hell movie wallpaper

Considering the subject matter, From Hell is definitely a gritty, bloody movie. This is not one of those prim and proper period dramas, but that’s all part of its charm! Fashion-wise, it doesn’t contain any grand, elaborate ball gowns. Still, the main female character, Mary Kelly, played by Heather Graham, has a sort of romantic Victorian-boho style going on:

From Hell: Heather GrahamThis dress, despite looking a bit worse for wear, is still rather pretty. I love the blue color and the delicate floral embroidery. Also, check out the cute little mint green reticule! I think this is a really enchanting look to recreate for the current spring season. You can’t go wrong with a light blue floral dress during the warmer months. I know, I know: Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. But if it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix!

The Devil Wear Prada GIF

Just a little FYI: The Mary Kelly character is a prostitute, and while I realize it’s a bit unorthodox to try and capture the look of a “lady of the night,” I think Mary’s profession is what gives a unique, sexy twist to her Victorian era costume. Hence why she has a button undone and is wearing her hair down. So, I hereby dub this look Prostitute Chic! 😀

Get the Look

The Makeup and Hair:

If you want to recreate Mary’s no makeup makeup look, the amazing movie & television beauty website, Makeup 411, actually gives a full product breakdown of the makeup Heather Graham wore in this role. The main product used was Benefit’s cult favorite, BeneTint Lip and Cheek Stain, which was applied to Heather’s cheeks and lips.

Benefit BenetintThe rest of Mary Kelly’s makeup products can be found here.

Mary Kelly’s hair has that whole tousled, “I just woke up like this” look that’s quite popular these days. Except, in Mary’s case, she probably really did just wake up like that.

Yeah, I brush my hair with my fingers. What do you use, a brush? How pedestrian.

You can create sexy messy — not frizzy messy — waves with Bumble & Bumble’s Don’t Blow It. Apply this stuff to just washed hair, scrunch it in a bit and twist a few tendrils here and there, and then let it air dry. I have some of this product, and it’s so great at adding texture to your hair when you wanna let it air dry while still fighting frizz and giving it some bounce, similar to what’s going on with Mary Kelly’s wavy tresses.

Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It

If you really wanna go all out in recreating Mary’s hairstyle, you can even add some red color to your locks. Breathe a temporary fire into your hair with some fun wash-out hair color. Garnier Color Styler in Red Temptation is a great choice. It’ll give you Vibrant color without the commitment!

Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out, Red Temptation

The Dress:

From Hell: Mary Kelly and Inspector Frederick Abberline

From Hell: Mary Kelly and friends

Heather Graham and Johnny Depp in From HellTo get Mary’s bohemian-esque Victorian vixen style, look for a blue dress with a button-front or a floral print or even both! Here are some pieces to get you started (Click the pictures, and it will take you straight to the website):

dusty blue Victoria Buttonfront Maxi
Free People
Blue button-front Embroidered Cami Mini Dress
Forever 21
blue lace-trimmed neckline button-front maxi dress
short sleeve teal floral maxi dress with strappy back
Blue Button-front strappy cami sundress
light blue floral ruffled dress
Teal Floral three-quarter sleeve sweetheart neckline dress
Unique Vintage (The belt is removable, so you can make it more Mary Kelly.)
blue floral printed bodycon mini dress with three quart sleeves
Free People


Mary carries around a lovely mint green reticule throughout the film. I adore reticules and wish they would come back in style. Small purses are en vogue right now after all, so really all that’s next are vintage-inspired reticules! In the meantime, you can go for a more modern day look by opting for a similar colored drawstring handbag:

vintage style drawstring pouch crossbody bag
Free People
Mint Drawstring Crossbody Bucket Handbag
jade drawstring bucket bag with tassels
Free People
mint green drawstring bucket bag
Loeffler Randall

You are officially all set to pull off the free-spirited Victorian look! I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I do! Now if only it could help you snag a guy who looks like Johnny Depp…

Have you ever seen From Hell? What are your thoughts on Mary Kelly’s unconventional Victorian style?

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10 thoughts on “Fashion ‘From Hell’

  1. I was OBSESSED with this film and Mary Kelly’s look as a teenager. I even dyed and styled my hair the same – I thought she looked beautiful! Going to have to re-watch the film soon!


  2. I really liked the dresses by Free People and Modcloth. What kind of shoes do you suggest to complete the look? I love Heather Graham, but she kind of looked like a hot mess in this movie. I guess hookers get rather hot and messy though. 😜 I like reticules and sometimes you can find drawstring bags meant to hold jewelry that can double as a reticule.


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