Period Drama Fashion Face Off

Greetings! I recently came up with a new feature I wanted to add to this blog that I’m hoping to make a weekly recurrence. I actually got the idea with the help of my sister (thanks, sis!). Basically, I’m going to try and do a “Who Wore It Better?” type post where I’ll showcase two costumes from two different period dramas that are somewhat similar to each other, whether in time period, color, and/or overall style. Sometimes the costumes will even be exactly the same. Period dramas have been known to recycle costumes after all. Then, I’ll ask you which person you think wore the look better.

I think this will be a fun and fast way to post a little more regularly while still doing my “bigger” fashion posts. I’m actually working on one as I type this, so stay tuned!

And now, my very first Fashion Face Off!

Pink & Yellow

Marie Antoinette Pink and Yellow Costume
Marie Antoinette (2006)


The Scandalous Lady W Movie Costume: Pink and Yellow
The Scandalous Lady W (2015)

Here we have Marie Antoinette and Lady Seymour Worsley wearing similar yellow on top and pink on bottom costumes. I really like this color combo, and one of the reasons I chose these two are because they work perfectly for spring. Both costumes are exquisitely girly and pretty, so this is a tough call in my opinion. Maybe some more images will help you make a decision 😉

Marie Antoinette Yellow Top ScreencapMarie Antoinette Movie Costume: Pink and Yellow

The Scandalous Lady W Movie costume: Yellow and Pink

Marie Antoinette movie: walking GIFThe Scandalous Lady W walking GIF: Natalie Dormer

Who Wore It Better?


Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the costumes and why you voted the way you did!

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12 thoughts on “Period Drama Fashion Face Off

  1. Lady worsleys skirt doesn’t feel like it’s the right length for one, and Kirsten dunst totally pulled off this look!


  2. Marie Antoinette have some truly gorgeous costumes! Just looking at these pics, that movie won hands down and Kirsten Dunst definitely wore the clothes very well. Fun face off Tiff, looking forward to more!


    1. I totally agree with your comment about Lady Worsley’s hips in her outfit. Plus the length of her dress is rather awkward. Marie looks flawless.


      1. Haha, poor Lady Worsley! She can’t catch a break! I actually really like her costume though. Although, I have to admit I like Marie’s better. It was a tough call for me though!


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