Discover the Period Drama Influence of This Hot Spring Trend

Another 90s trend is back! I did a previous blog post on choker necklaces, and now tweed is making a comeback. I have fond 90s memories of this trend. I remember owning a cute tweed blazer that tied together at the waist with a pretty pink ribbon. Of course, tweed was in long before the 90s, as its appearance in a number of period dramas proves. Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d showcase a few tweed appearances in period pieces, and then show you some similar clothing items, so you can get the look for yourself!

An oh so 90s Brittany Murphy as Tai from Clueless in a matching tweed jacket and skirt

The Need for Tweed

If there was any doubt that tweed is trendy again, Chanel, which is practically synonymous with this classic fabric, featured a bevy of tweed looks for its Spring/Summer 2016 show, thus, decreeing tweed as a major trend for the upcoming season. In fact, it opened the show with this vibrant tweed jumpsuit:

Chanel spring/summer 2016 tweed jumpsuit

Kendall Jenner also walked the Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 runway in a fabulous tweed number:

Kendall Jenner in Chanel tweed for Spring Summer 2016

But some of the best, in my opinion, tweed inspiration comes from period dramas (Get ready for pictures galore!). The following are some of my favorites:

Lady Chatterly’s Lover (2015)

Lady Chatterly looking very ladylike in a blue tweed riding habit.

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

Bathsheba shines in a burgundy tweed jacket with matching skirt.

Downton Abbey

Downton-Abbey-Season-Five_ Lady mary in hunting tweed
Lady Mary is no stranger to tweed.

Downton Abbey season 5 hunting scene: tweed costumes

Lady Mary Crawley Downton Abbey: tweed riding habit

Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge_S2E5: Rose shooting in tweed
Rose Selfridge looks fetching in blue tweed.

Mr. Selfridge: Rose Selfridge wearing blue tweed while shooting

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes 2009 movie: Irene Adler in tweed
Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler wears a masculine yet fitted tweed suit.

Sherlock Holmes movie: Irene AdlerSherlock Holmes movie 2009: Irene Adler tweed costume

Now that you’ve seen some fine period drama examples of tweed costumes, you can definitely tell just how historic the fabric really is. Tweed may be old fashioned, but it doesn’t have to be stodgy. With contemporary tweed pieces you can look 1890s meets 1990s with a dash of 2016!

Get the Look:

A really modern way of wearing tweed is to not be too matchy. Wear just one tweed piece, like a tweed blazer with skinny jeans or a cute skirt. Also, don’t be afraid to inject some color into your tweed like Lady Chatterly, Bathsheba, and Rose have done. Muted-colored tweed is great as well! However, make it more springy/summery by pairing it with a bright or pastel colored top. After all, you don’t want to look dreary when the weather warms up!

Blue: Channel your inner Lady Chatterly or Rose Selfridge with these blue tweed pieces.

navy blue tweed jacket
Ann Taylor
indigo blue linen tweed blazer
Ralph Lauren
blue flecked tweed pencil skirt
J. Crew
multi blue open front tweed blazer
Nipon Boutique

Red: Get inspired by Bathsheba’s beautiful tweed costume, and stand out from the madding crowd with red tweed or even coral for major spring vibes.

red tweed jacket
Draper James
coral tweed collarless blazer
Armani Jeans
red tweed mini skirt
Dark red tweed jacket

Neutral: Lady Mary is a shining example that there’s nothing drab about neutral-colored tweed. Here are some tweed pieces to help you get back to basics…

brown tweed jacket
houndstooth tweed blazer
J. Crew
beige metallic tweed pencil skirt
Draper James
plaid brown tweed blazer
L.L. Bean

Last but not least, give a nod to Irene Adler’s menswear inspired tweed ensemble by rocking a spiffy tweed vest:

houndstoth vest
Nine West
gray tweed moto vest
A moto style tweed vest is an especially modern take on the trend. (Forever 21)
brown beige tweed vest
brown herringbone tweed vest
Ralph Lauren

There’s just something so refined and polished about the classic fabric that is tweed. Get a jump start on Spring 2016 fashion with period drama-inspired tweed!


Which period drama tweed look is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “Discover the Period Drama Influence of This Hot Spring Trend

  1. I LOVE the peacock color of Lady Chatterly’s tweed jacket! I’m not a huge fan of tweed unless it’s Autumn, but when it’s cut in a modern way I don’t mind it. LOVE that vest from Forever 21.

    P.S. I wish you’d see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and so you can blog about the gorgeous costumes! This is the wedding scene I LOVE Darcy’s all black outfit, and Lizzie’s traveling outfit here×478/quality/90/?


    1. Ohhh, I really like that traveling outfit! Hmm… maybe I can do a post on it even though I haven’t seen it yet, lol. I’d still prefer to wait until I’ve seen it though. I checked online, and it’s supposed to be released on dvd in May. Hopefully, that’s not too long a wait for you 😉


      1. Oooh where did you see the info about the dvd release? Oh man, May is too long a wait, but thankfully there’s tumblr where I can get my PPZ (read: Darcy) fix 😉 YES you should do a post on it, the clothes really are gorgeous!


  2. The YesStyle clothing was such a cool, modern take on classic tweed. I also loved the Draper James pieces. They were very classy.


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