Borrowing From the Boys: How to Dress Like the Musketeers

I know I can’t be the only one not so patiently waiting for the 3rd and final season of BBC’s The Musketeers. This show has got it all: action, suspense, intrigue, romance, and plenty of fantastic examples of period drama fashion. While I try not to drive myself crazy playing the waiting game, I thought I’d do something a bit different for this blog post and showcase men’s fashion by showing you how to dress like the musketeers with a feminine twist! 

The Musketeers BBC
The fantastic four

Don’t get me wrong, the women in this show, specifically Queen Anne, Constance, and Milady, have some killer outfits, but I couldn’t help but notice and admire the rugged yet dapper Musketeer men. Aramis, D’Artagnan, Porthos, and Athos manage to protect king and country with stylish aplomb. They’re outfits are a cool, modern take on 17th century military uniforms. A staple of these edgy uniforms is leather galore. Considering I’m such a huge fan of leather jackets, this especially appealed to me.

The Musketeers BBC Milady Anne and Constance
Triple threat: Sorry ladies, this one’s for the boys

To channel the period drama style from The Musketeers, suit up in a military-inspired jacket in a brown or black color. If you choose a leather jacket, make sure to opt for something more structured and less biker. You are trying to look like a 17th century king’s soldier after all!

The Musketeers BBC tv show
Doing good never looked so bad (but in a good way of course).

When it comes to what to wear under your jacket, men during the 17th century typically wore voluminous shirts made of linen in neutral colors such as white, off-white, or gray. A great modern version of this would be a basic-colored, long-sleeved voluminous shirt.

Accessories are a key component of musketeer style. A nice leather belt with a solid buckle works perfectly, and while The Musketeers run around fully equipped with swords and pistols, you can’t very well go around sword wielding and gun blazing. Instead, let your jewelry be your weapon of choice, with pistol and dagger baubles.

Also, The Musketeers may wear leather trousers, but I think a more updated pant of choice would be skinny jeans in a dark rinse or black leggings. Lastly, slip on some fierce riding boots, and you’re good to go!

The Musketeers BBC sitting still
Lounging in style

And as is the standard with this blog, I’ve curated some items to help get you started on looking like a musketeer with contemporary feminine flair!

Get the Look:

A polished jacket is what really pulls this looks together

Distressed leather jacket in brown mid length
Free People
brown Suede Ruffle Jacket
Free People
black Cropped Military Jacket
Knit military-inspired jacket in light brown
Faux suede zip-up shirt jacket
Black Lambskin Military Leather Jacket
United Face

Turn up the volume with a billowy shirt:

Aramis-D'Artagnan-Athos from The Musketeers BBC

loose buttondown white blouse
Free People
flowy tie-front textured blouse
Tie-Front loose-fitting gray Blouse
Urban Outfitters
billowy plunging cross-front blouse
Urban Outfitters
Buttoned Blouse with cinched sleeves
Forever 21
Crochet Split-Neck Gauze Top
Forever 21

Don’t forget to buckle up:

The Musketeers BBC costume

Ornate Buckle Black Faux Leather Belt
crackle black leather belt
Engraved buckle brown leather belt
long vintage style belt
Free People
magnolia buckle black leather belt
brown leather belt with silver buckle

Finish the look off with armed and dangerously stylish jewelry:

The Musketeers BBC holding pistols-revolvers

Royal Sword pendant necklace
V Jewelry
Medieval Sword Necklace
Sword - Sterling Silver Charm Necklace
Fashion Junkie 4 Life
Rose Gold Sword Necklace
Golden Gun Pendant Necklace
Heirloom Finds
Three Musketeers Charm Necklace
bejeweled gunmetal revolver post earrings with clear crystals
Joji Boutique
golden bejeweled revolver earrings
Joji Boutique
crystal triangles top edgy golden daggers in delicate drop earrings
bejeweled silver revolver drop earrings with aurora borealis crystals
Joji Boutique

And voila! You’re all set to masquerade like a musketeer!

The Musketeers BBC opening credits gifBorrowing from the boys, even when they’re from the 1600s, is surprisingly attainable! Just make sure to take a cue from Aramis and wear your period drama-inspired clothes with swagger:

Aramis The Musketeers BBC walking GIF

What are your thoughts on the fashion from The Musketeers? Let me know in the comments!



11 thoughts on “Borrowing From the Boys: How to Dress Like the Musketeers

  1. i really enjoyed the series ..just finished series 2 on box set…Musketeer fashion is cool..could you post some ideas of how to modernise the look for everyday for blokes?…lets hope fashion will catch up and go
    more bohemian again for men….is it just me or why is everything so urban? and boring !……..modern musketeer fashion for men please!


    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m not sure if I could do a post on men’s fashion, however, as I know next to nothing about it, lol.
      I’m strictly into female fashion. Sorry! But I think you should go ahead and dress more boho even if everyone else is urban. Maybe more will follow your lead! 😉


    1. Aramis is my favorite! The actor is Santiago Cabrera. Definitely check out this show when you have the chance! I actually started watching it on a whim because I was in a period drama rut, lol. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but from the first episode I was hooked! It’s such a fun and suspense-filled series!


      1. Oh right, Santiago, I think he was in this NBC series HEROES a while back. Soooo hot! He reminds me a bit of my French crush Stanley Weber, but the Latin version 😉 I might check it out if it’s on Netflix!

        Liked by 1 person

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