Capturing Cassandra’s 1930s Fashion

Greetings to all my period drama lovers and fashionistas! I realize I have sorely neglected my blog, and I can only hope you’ll forgive me! I have been suffering from a serious case of blogger’s block, but I think I’m all better now and can start posting a bit more frequently than once a month or once every two months.

The last period drama fashion post I did dealt with Rose’s whimsical style from I Capture the Castle. I now present you with Part II of that post where I’ll show you how to dress like a modern day Cassandra Mortmain.

Cassandra from I Capture the CastleCassandra’s style is a lot more practical than her sister’s. She wears a lot of muted colors and cardigans. This is probably because she’s not too concerned with fashion. She’s much more interested in writing, not that you can’t be interested in both! 😉

Still, Cassandra wants nothing more than to be a writer (in addition to getting her eccentric family to maintain some semblance of harmony). She’s a writer not a fighter. As someone who’s passionate about writing, I love this about her. In short, she makes for a great protagonist.

I Capture the Castle: Cassandra writing
Cassandra: A literary character after my own heart

In pondering which two of Cassandra’s outfits to do a fashion post on, I ended up going with one that I felt was a bit different from her usual attire and another that showcased her everyday fashion sense.

Get the Look:

Cassandra from I Capture the Castle in a white dressCassandra: I Capture the Castle style

This is such a lovely, ethereal and slightly bohemian outfit. It’s simple, but the beautiful flower wreath necklace gives it a special touch. To capture the 1930s style of this look, opt for a flowy white dress with a slightly defined waist, then add on a floral necklace. It’s that easy!


white embroidered gauze maxi dress from Forever 21
Forever 21


White Short Sleeve Lace Insert Dress
white Midi Dress with Tulle Skirt
white lace midi dress
Free People

As pretty as Cassandra’s flower necklace is, wearing real flowers around your neck isn’t very practical for every day. Instead, choose a necklace with floral details:

rose flower necklace
Pink Amaryllis floral Faceted Statement Necklace
Francesca’s Collections
rose pendant necklace
Floral gem collar necklace

Get the Look II:

Simon and Cassandra in I Capture the Castle

This look is more representative of Cassandra’s take on 1930s fashion. She has on a cozy cardigan and cute little printed dress for a look that’s both casual and girly. To recreate this outfit, pair a blue printed dress with a pale pink cardi, and you’re good to go!


Pink button up cardigan
Pointelle Stitch Button-Front Cardigan
L.L. Bean
Pink button up cotton cardigan
Pink moto jacket
If this look is a bit too girly for you, you can add a modern edge to Cassandra’s outfit by pairing it with a pink moto jacket instead!
Windsor Store

A blue floral print dress nicely complements the pale pink cardigan:

Blue floral ruffle mini dress
Free People
Slate blue floral wrap dress
Floral cami dress with lace hem
Forever 21
Slate blue floral slip dress
Free People
Blue spaghetti strap floral dress
She Inside
Blue rose print cami dress
Forever 21

And as a final finishing touch to Cassandra’s I Capture the Castle style, make sure to add on a spritz or two of the perfume Rose gave her for her birthday! After all, you’re never fully dressed without some perfume. The fragrance Cassandra receives is Penhaligon’s Bluebell.

Penhaligon's Bluebell from I Capture the Castle

While Penhaligon’s was established in 1870, this particular fragrance wasn’t made until 1978, so there appears to be some sort of historical error, but with a bottle this pretty, who cares! It’s definitely very vintage-y, and is sure to make a lovely addition to your vanity:

Penhaligon's Bluebell perfume

Now go forth and capture your fashion!

Cassandra: Final scene from I Capture the CastleI love, I have loved, and I will love period drama fashion!

So what’s your take on Cassandra’s 1930s fashion sense? Which outfit was your favorite?

Make sure you check out Part I of this post where you can get ideas on how to dress like Cassandra’s sister, Rose!




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