Going Crazy for Velvet and Lace

Halloween is nigh! Literally, it’s only one day away. If you’re like a lot of Halloween enthusiasts, you’re probably gearing up to watch some scary movies. That’s why I just had to recommend a period drama that’s perfect for Halloween: Stonehearst Asylum. It’s a thrilling trifecta of Gothic, romantic and creepy, and it also happens to be loosely based on an Edgar Allen Poe story entitled The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.

Stonehearst Asylum: 2014 film

The movie tells the story of  Dr. Edward Newgate, who’s a new employee at a mental hospital. He soon becomes completely besotted with one of his patients, Eliza Graves. Meanwhile, his superintendent, Dr. Lamb, has some unconventionally modern methods for treating his patients, much to Edward’s fascination. However, a series of events leads Edward to realize that all is not what it appears to be at Stonehearst Asylum.

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley, this film has a great cast to boot. I myself thoroughly enjoyed watching it. It’s full of intriguing, spooky characters, and the plot kept me engrossed. It’s not exactly the kind of horror film one would typically think of for Halloween, but it definitely has some Gothic and horror-filled elements to it. And yes, it’s even on Netflix! 😀

Bringing this back to period drama fashion, however, I wanted to discuss my favorite dress worn by Eliza Graves in the film. It’s a stunning dark blue, off-the-shoulder velvet gown with exquisite lace detailing. I thought it would be fun to do a modern take on this dress, especially considering velvet is a perfect choice for fall fashion.

Stonehearst Asylum: Eliza Graves
The film was actually alternatively titled Eliza Graves.

The movie poster above shows Eliza wearing the gown. I searched endlessly to try and find a full body shot of the gorgeous gown, but the pic below is the best one I could find:

Stonehearst Asylum: Blu-ray cover
It’s hard to make out the details of the dress in this pic, but, hopefully, you can get an idea.

Get the Look:

Look for a navy colored velvet dress with black lace details, or you can add some with a lacey blazer or cardigan (follow the links below each picture for details on where to buy).

Navy midi velvet dress
Off the shoulder navy velvet dress
Nasty Gal
Navy long sleeve velvet dress with lace insets
Dark blue velvet romper with lace
Miss Guided
Navy velvet cami dress with lace
High neck navy blue velvet dress with lace details

You can also turn this modern day period drama ensemble into a dressy causal look by selecting an ink blue velvet top instead of a dress.

Navy velvet swing cami top
Free People
Off the shoulder dark blue velvet top
Dark blue velvet cami with lace
Off the shoulder navy velvet crop top
Navy blue off the shoulder velvet peplum top

For the pieces that don’t have lace details, you can simply add some on! Here’s some inspiration:

Lightweight black long sleeve lace cardigan
Collarless black lace blazer
Black sheer short sleeved lace cardigan
Black moto jacket with lace sleeves
Windsor Store
Black lace cropped cardigan

Make sure to add on some dangly earrings à la Eliza Graves.

Stonehearst Asylum: Eliza Graves

Rhinestone encrusted chain chandelier earrings
Forever 21
Geo fringe drop dangly earrings
Francesca’s Collections
Silver hanging chain drop earrings
Forever 21
Lace chain drop chandelier earrings

Eliza Graves proves that just because you’re stuck in a madhouse doesn’t mean you can’t make a period drama fashion statement. It’s amazing how her striking combination of rich velvet and luxe lace can still apply to today’s trends!

What do you think about this look? Are you a fan of velvet?

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9 thoughts on “Going Crazy for Velvet and Lace

  1. I LOVE the clothes from this era, and boy I like the cast, I mean ALL of them. Jim Sturgess is kinda an underrated actor, plus he’s cute! I love Kate’s earrings, I should give this movie a watch since it’s on Netflix!


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