Get the Look: Two Dazzling Outfits From Downton Abbey Season 6, Episode 1

Downton Abbey Season 6 is upon us! In this final season (whyyyyy!?), the show is taking place at full roaring speed in the 20’s. As such, the fashion from this season is sure to reflect a glamorous yet elegant flapper vibe.

Downton Abbey Gif for Season 6
Downton Abbey will soon be riding off into the sunset, much to my dismay (Via

Throughout its six year run, Downton Abbey has become known for its amazing, statement-making fashions. It’s one of the parts I look forward to the most when watching a new episode, along with the intriguing, drama-filled storylines of course. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of Lady Mary and Edith’s costumes from the first eppy of season 6. And since I’m all about making period drama fashion look up-to-date, I’ll show you how to recreate their costumes, allowing you to look like a modern day Downton Abbey diva.

Just so you know, this post is being split into two parts. This first one is focused on two of Lady Mary’s ladylike yet fun looks, while the second post will focus on Lady Edith’s. So keep your eyes peeled for Part II!

Also, for those who have to wait until January to get their Downton fix, don’t worry. This post has no spoilers, just pictures that in no way give away plot.

A Downton Abbey Fashion Statement

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary, Edith and Cora
Glamour goals (via

Set in 1925, season 6 picks up where we last left Crawley & Company in season 5, with a few months undoubtedly having gone by. As far as the fashion during this period goes, loose drop-waist dresses with higher hemlines reigned supreme. Long tunic blouses were also worn with slip-like skirts that were either pleated, slightly flared at the bottom or straight. Overall, the silhouette of the 1920’s was a tubular column style that resulted in a more boyish figure. Granted, there is much more to the style and trends of 1925, including cloche hats, wrapover coats, t-strap heels and Mary Jane ankle-strap shoes, but this is just a brief overview.

Looking at images from season 6, episode one, you can definitely see these trends being perfectly executed by the Downton ladies. The show’s costume department does an ah-mazing job with a meticulous attention to detail. Cloche hats off to them!

Now without further ado: The Outfits!

Lady Mary, Look One:

Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 1 Lady Mary Oufit
Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 1 Lady Mary Style
“Why yes, I now have sideburns. What of it?” (Via

Let’s start off with one of the fancier looks from the episode. Lady Mary’s got an interesting curlicue sideburn thing going on. Definitely doesn’t get more 20’s than that. Her black dress with intricate beading is truly a flapper’s delight, and she tops it off ever so stylishly with an equally flapper-like long necklace and headband. Despite its basic black color, this look has fun written all over it!

Get the Look:

Depending on the occasion, you can take this look to full-on vintage glam or you can make it more up-to-date by selecting a loose-fitting embellished black top and pairing it with either black skinnies or a solid black skirt.

1920s style black beaded dress
1920s style beaded black dress
Vintage Style 1920s black dress
Unique Vintage
Black Vintage style 1920s dress
Unique Vintage

Retro Beaded Black Top
Forever 21
Sparkly Black Tank Top
Embellished Black Cami
Black Embellished Tank Top

Now add a long black necklace to complete the look, and if you’re really wanting to go über retro, add on a beaded headband:

Long gold flapper style necklace with black beads and faux pearls
1920s style long black necklace
Long layered necklace: 1920s style
Forever 21
Long black rope chain necklace: 1920s style
Forever 21

Metallic beaded flapper style headband
Charlotte Russe
Flapper-inspired headband
Forever 21
Black and gold beaded headband: Flapper 1920s style
Forever 21

Lady Mary, Look Two:

Lady Mary: Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 1
Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 1 GIF: Lady Mary

Here, we have Lady Mary in a day look. It’s definitely less sparkly than the previous look, but it still just oozes sophistication. I love the rich burgundy color. It’s one of my favorite clothing color choices, and it’s perfect for fall fashion. Also, note the very 1920’s cloche-like hat. So chic!

Get the Look:

To get this look try pairing a loose fitting burgundy top with a flowy midi skirt. You can also opt for a flowy/drop-waist burgundy dress. I’ve selected some options to help you out:

Long sleeved flowy burgundy top
Burgundy long sleeved flowy blouse
Midi front slit skirt in burgundy
The front slit keeps things more modern (Forever 21)
Burgundy button front flowy midi skirt
Urban Outfitters

Burgundy shift dress
Channel Lady Mary’s costume by pairing this with a like-colored cardigan or blazer (Modcloth)
Flowy tie-waist cardigan in burgundy

Burgundy silk combo dress
The hemline of this dress is definitely shorter than you would find in 1925, but the undefined waistline gives it a 20’s feel (Forever 21).
Drop waist button front burgundy dress
Again, this is a shorter dress than what was fashionable for 1925, but the drop waist definitely has a 20’s vibe (Forever 21).

Cloche-ing Optional (but adding one definitely makes this look exceptionally vintage chic)

Burgundy cloche hat with broach
Lord & Taylor
Burgundy wool cloche hat with bow

And there you have it! So next time you’re looking for fashion inspiration look to Downton! It’s easy to be fashion-forward by looking to the past. Downton Abbey is undoubtedly a prime example of sumptuous period drama fashion. What’s your take on this period of fashion for the Downton ladies? Yay or nay?

Downton Abbey Season 6: Lady Mary and Lady Edith
Lady Mary to the left, to left… next up are Lady Edith’s outfits! (Via

Stay tuned for Part II of this post where I’ll examine two of Lady Edith’s costumes! Make sure to follow my blog, so you don’t miss out on it or any other fashionable posts! xoxo


10 thoughts on “Get the Look: Two Dazzling Outfits From Downton Abbey Season 6, Episode 1

  1. Love the burgundy dresses, as well as the first outfit’s headbands. For a while, headbands across the forehead were majorly in style. I wonder if this Downton Abbey season will bring them back!


  2. You can definitely see these trends being perfectly executed by the Downton ladies. It was a brilliant idea to focus on Lady Mary and Edith’s costumes from the firt episode of season 6. I love the look of the loose fitting burgundy top with a flowy midi skirt. I’m so excited for season 6! Keep up the good

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