Corsets & Costume Dramas: Discover Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Perfume

Hello period drama and fashion lovers!

I thought I’d do a quick post on something that recently caught my eye. Victoria’s Secret has a new perfume that was inspired by the seductive quality of corsets. Since my very first blog post covered corsets, and they’re also a period drama staple, I just had to let you guys know about it!

The perfume is called Forever Sexy, and the bottle is definitely that. It is wrapped in delicate pale pink tulle and features an eye-catching black lace-up corset design in the back. I mean, how awesome is this? This perfume is literally wearing a corset.

Victoria's Secret Forever Sexy Perfume with Corset Bottle
Photo via Victoria’s Secret Instagram

Whether Victoria’s Secret realizes it or not, the Forever Sexy fragrance is definitely conjuring up visions of the fashion from period dramas.

Titanic: Rose Corset Scene
Courtesy of
Movies: (Top Left) Picnic at Hanging Rock, (Top Right) Pride and Prejudice, (Bottom Left) Wives and Daughters, (Bottom Right) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

According to the product description, Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy is a warm fragrance. It contains notes of golden amber, Belladonna orange and solar gardenia. I haven’t had the pleasure of smelling it yet, but you can bet I will be heading to my local VS as soon as possible to give it a try! I don’t think I’ll be disappointed either. I’m typically drawn to warm fragrances, and those notes sound as alluring as the beautiful bottle appears.

Forever Sexy Perfume by Victoria's Secret with Corset Bottle
A front view of Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy fragrance

If you’re looking for a new fall perfume, the Forever Sexy Eau de Parfum is a great place to start. It’s the perfect blend of sexy and vintage with a period drama twist. The cost is $58 for a 1.7 fl oz bottle and $78 for a 3.4 fl oz bottle.

What are your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret’s latest perfume? If you’ve had the chance to smell it, did you find it yummy or yucky?

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14 thoughts on “Corsets & Costume Dramas: Discover Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Perfume

  1. Ooooh! I don’t normally like VSC’s perfumes, but I LOVE that bottle design, I might have to get it just for the bottle, ahah. You really do have a gorgeous blog Tiffany, btw, I just followed you on Twitter so we can chat period dramas there too 😀


  2. I got the gift set for this the other day and I seriously love it so much. Its a warm fragrance but also very fresh because the belladonna orange. Its really lovely and I cant wait to see what other people think of it on me.


  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. Victoria’s Secret Forever Sexy in my opinion is definitely a warm fragrance. Dream Angel is also one of my favorites.


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