A Jane Eyre Love Affair

Jane Eyre: fashion, style, outfits
Blue Steel: 1800s style

Oh Jane Eyre, how do I love thee? Let me blog the ways…

Jane Eyre is without a doubt my absolute favorite book. The first time I read it years ago, I was captivated by the title character and engrossed by the chemistry between Jane and Edward Rochester, aka, The Epitome of the Byronic Hero.

I actually saw the 2006 Jane Eyre miniseries before I ever read the book, but after watching it I knew I had to read it. Once I got my hands on the novel, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve read it several times since, and each time I read it, I always take away something new from it. It’s the book that keeps on giving.

Jane as a character spoke to me. I had a rough childhood, and I wandered through high school relatively friendless (Ah, memories!😜). I definitely related to Jane’s isolation. I also admired Jane’s strength of character. Like Jane, I rarely waver in my beliefs, and I tend to have a very impassioned nature. It may seem cheesy, but when reading the novel, I felt like Jane and I were kindred spirits. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a fictional character in the way I have to Jane Eyre.

A Novel Idea in Jane Eyre Fashion

My enduring love for Jane Eyre is a big reason why I had to share my love for one of the most amazing shops on Etsy: Novel CreationsIf you’ve never heard of Novel Creations before, you’re in luck. Lovers of period dramas are sure to fall in love with this store’s fantastic creations. The shop’s owner, Karen, takes used hardback and leather-bound books and turns them into purses.

I stumbled upon this shop one serendipitous day when I typed “Jane Eyre” into the Etsy search bar. One look at the Jane Eyre book purse, and I knew I had to have one. And sure enough, I purchased the handbag shortly after discovering it. It is one of the best fashion purchases I’ve ever made. I can proudly show my love for Jane Eyre every time I carry my uniquely beautiful purse.

Jane Eyre Book Purse: Fashion and Period Dramas, Novel Creations, Etsy
Cozying up to my Jane Eyre book purse from Novel Creations.

A nifty part about these purses is you can choose your own handle in order to suit your individual style. I chose the messenger style because I wanted to be able to wear it as a crossbody bag, but there’s also an antique style, a shoulder length one, a wooden one and a chain one. You can also opt for no handle if you prefer the clutch style.

Here are some more views of the Jane Eyre book purse courtesy of the Novel Creations website:

Jane Eyre book purse from Novel Creation at Etsy
I mean, how cute is this!?

Novel Creations Jane Eyre book purse

Jane Eyre book purse from Novel Creations on EtsyNovel Creations doesn’t just cater to Jane Eyre fanatics such as myself. The shop has a wide variety of period drama novels to choose from. You can turn your favorite works of classic literature (yes, there’s Jane Austen!) into eye-catching handbags. There’s also some contemporary novels, and the shop owner does custom orders.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite book purses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are so many wonderful handbags to choose from. Novel Creations is one of the most innovative ways I’ve seen period dramas and fashion collide. Purses range in price from $55 – $58, plus shipping & handling.

What’s your favorite book? Which movie version of Jane Eyre is your fav? (Mine’s the one from 2006).

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13 thoughts on “A Jane Eyre Love Affair

  1. Hello Tiffany! I meant to leave you a comment last night but somehow didn’t get to it. I LOVE your blog, I’m glad you visited mine as I love period dramas too! Man, you have a photo of Toby Stephens’ Jane Eyre… you are a lady after my own heart, I LOVE LOVE that adaptation, it’s my favorite so far even though I was partial to the Timothy Dalton version for a long time. I think Ruth Wilson & Toby perfectly capture the essence of Jane & Rochester.

    I LOVE that purse! That’s an awesome find!


    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      My favorite is definitely the Toby Stephens adaption! It may have some inaccuracies, but I think it captures the heart and soul of the novel better than the other versions I’ve seen. I’ve actually never seen the Timothy Dalton one. May have to check it out!


      1. The BBC’s 1983 version w/ Timothy Dalton one is more faithful to the novel but it’s a bit too theatrical. Toby/Ruth’s version is just so romantic as well as devastating, just what you’d expect from JE adaptation.

        Btw, I have my review of Age of Adaline up now 🙂


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