Never Letting Go of Titanic Fashion

Titanic movie

I definitely could not do a blog on period dramas without making a post on my favorite movie of all time, Titanic. To be clear, Titanic is my favorite movie but not necessarily my favorite period drama, if that makes sense. I’ve never been able to name my absolute favorite period drama, but Jane Eyre (2006) and North & South definitely top the list. But I digress…

Titanic is a visually stunning and highly evocative movie that of course features some stunning period costumes. So stunning, in fact, that the film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. If you have never seen Titanic, what on earth are you waiting for? And if you have, go watch it again because I fully believe one can never see this film too many times. In fact, go watch it right now before you even finish reading this! Kidding (sorta) 😉

If I seem a little obsessed passionate about Titanic that’s because I am. It’s a movie that always brings forth so many nostalgic feelings for me, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Throughout high school I would voraciously read Titanic fan fiction, and I even wrote some myself. I even used to fall asleep to the Titanic soundtrack because the hauntingly beautiful music soothed me. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve seen the film at least 100 times. Plus, when it was re-released in 3D in 2012, I saw it in theaters a total of three times. Much like Rose never let go of her promise to Jack, I can never let go of this movie.

The film is set in 1912, which means it’s during the end of the Edwardian era. Rose wore several gorgeous column dresses in the film, reflecting the style of that time. While it may not be the post-Edwardian era now, Rose’s glamorous and sophisticated style can still be replicated without making you look like you just time traveled from 1912. No one wants to look dated!

One of my favorite period drama costumes ever is Rose’s Dinner Dress, i.e. the dress she wore when Jack joined her and her group for dinner in 1st class. I love the dark burgundy color, and the sparkly black beading is to die for.

Titanic, Rose, Jack, dinner dress, fashion
I love this adorable pic of Rose in her dinner dress with Jack. Can you say, couple goals!

If you want to dress like you’re a modern Edwardian goddess who’s having dinner with a handsome, charming, albeit starving artist, then check out my selection of modernized period drama fashions:

Rose, Titanic, dinner dress, fashion, outfits


Here are some great alternative dresses as well:

Free People, Rose, Titanic, dress, fashion
From Free People
Windsor Store, Rose, Titanic, dinner dress, fashion
From Windsor
ModCloth, fashion, Titanic, Rose, dress
From ModCloth
Free People, beaded dress, Titanic, Rose, fashion
From Free People

And here are some more options for a fancy Edwardian-inspired necklace to go with the dress. They’re all from Forever 21, so you can be cheap and chic:

Forever 21 necklace, Titanic, Rose, style
Forever 21
Modern Edwardian necklace, Titanic, Rose
Forever 21
Forever 21 necklace, rhinestones, Rose, Titanic fashion
Forever 21

When it comes to Rose’s costumes, there literally isn’t a single one I don’t like. Choosing a favorite one, however, is a little harder to pin down. If I had to choose though (do I have to!?), I would most likely choose her Swim Dress. This is the dress she wears when the ship hits the iceberg as well as throughout the entire sinking, resulting in her having to swim in it, hence the name.

Rose Swim Dress: Titanic
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming (Photo courtesy of

This dress is notably simpler than the rest of her dazzling dresses, so it’s kind of a more unconventional choice for favorite, but I love how flowy and ethereal it is. It’s like a dress a fairy or a nymph would wear. In many ways it’s symbolic of Rose’s mindset at that moment in the film. She feels free and no longer trapped because she’s just made the decision to be with Jack. The dress is lighter and less binding because she’s mentally had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. In a more practical sense, the dress was chosen by the costume designer and James Cameron (the director and screenwriter) because it is a dress that looks good when wet. It flows with the water. Her other dresses would have been incredibly heavy if they had gotten wet and much too difficult to move around water in.

If for some reason you plan on swimming fully clothed in the icy Atlantic or perhaps you just love this outfit as much as I do, try looking for a billowy dress made of light chiffon material in pastel colors, specifically lavender for the dress and pale pink for the sash around the waist. I’ve made some selections to help you out:

Rose Swim Dress outfit ideas, fashion

ASOS midi dress
$84 –

High heel shoes

Ted Baker belt

And even more options! There are so many possibilities for this one. You can dress it up with a full length dress and heels or make it more casual with a knee length dress and flats:

Titanic: Rose swim dress, fashion

Sexy pink dress

Polka dot shoes

Cut out flat

White House Black Market flower belt

As far as period dramas goes, Titanic definitely holds a high place on the list for most moving and memorable ones. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it or will continue to see it; it always manages to make me cry. This could be because I’m a huge sap or it could be because this movie so perfectly expresses the intensity of human emotion and the profound effects of heartbreaking tragedies. In this same respect, the costumes in Titanic leave the viewer enthralled.

Let me know in the comments which of Rose’s dresses is your favorite or any suggestions you have as to which period drama you would like me to cover next!

5 thoughts on “Never Letting Go of Titanic Fashion

  1. My favorite is definitely Rose’s swim dress as well. I like the colors and the way it flows. I think it looks especially nice against Kate Winslet’s skin and hair colors.


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