Get the Look: Two Dazzling Outfits From Downton Abbey Season 6, Episode 1

Downton Abbey Season 6: Period Drama

Downton Abbey Season 6 is upon us! In this final season (whyyyyy!?), the show is taking place at full roaring speed in the 20’s. As such, the fashion from this season is sure to reflect a glamorous yet elegant flapper vibe.

Downton Abbey Gif for Season 6
Downton Abbey will soon be riding off into the sunset, much to my dismay (Via

Throughout its six year run, Downton Abbey has become known for its amazing, statement-making fashions. It’s one of the parts I look forward to the most when watching a new episode, along with the intriguing, drama-filled storylines of course. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of Lady Mary and Edith’s costumes from the first eppy of season 6. And since I’m all about making period drama fashion look up-to-date, I’ll show you how to recreate their costumes, allowing you to look like a modern day Downton Abbey diva. Continue reading


Corsets & Costume Dramas: Discover Victoria’s Secret’s Newest Perfume

Forever Sexy Perfume by Victoria's Secret with Corset Bottle

Hello period drama and fashion lovers!

I thought I’d do a quick post on something that recently caught my eye. Victoria’s Secret has a new perfume that was inspired by the seductive quality of corsets. Since my very first blog post covered corsets, and they’re also a period drama staple, I just had to let you guys know about it!

The perfume is called Forever Sexy, and the bottle is definitely that. It is wrapped in delicate pale pink tulle and features an eye-catching black lace-up corset design in the back. I mean, how awesome is this? This perfume is literally wearing a corset.

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A Jane Eyre Love Affair

Jane Eyre: fashion, style, outfits
Blue Steel: 1800s style

Oh Jane Eyre, how do I love thee? Let me blog the ways…

Jane Eyre is without a doubt my absolute favorite book. The first time I read it years ago, I was captivated by the title character and engrossed by the chemistry between Jane and Edward Rochester, aka, The Epitome of the Byronic Hero.

I actually saw the 2006 Jane Eyre miniseries before I ever read the book, but after watching it I knew I had to read it. Once I got my hands on the novel, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve read it several times since, and each time I read it, I always take away something new from it. It’s the book that keeps on giving.

Jane as a character spoke to me. I had a rough childhood, and I wandered through high school relatively friendless (Ah, memories!😜). I definitely related to Jane’s isolation. I also admired Jane’s strength of character. Like Jane, I rarely waver in my beliefs, and I tend to have a very impassioned nature. It may seem cheesy, but when reading the novel, I felt like Jane and I were kindred spirits. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a fictional character in the way I have to Jane Eyre.

A Novel Idea in Jane Eyre Fashion

My enduring love for Jane Eyre is a big reason why I had to share my love for one of the most amazing shops on Etsy: Novel CreationsContinue reading

Never Letting Go of Titanic Fashion

Titanic movie

I definitely could not do a blog on period dramas without making a post on my favorite movie of all time, Titanic. To be clear, Titanic is my favorite movie but not necessarily my favorite period drama, if that makes sense. I’ve never been able to name my absolute favorite period drama, but Jane Eyre (2006) and North & South definitely top the list. But I digress…

Titanic is a visually stunning and highly evocative movie that of course features some stunning period costumes. So stunning, in fact, that the film won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. If you have never seen Titanic, what on earth are you waiting for? And if you have, go watch it again because I fully believe one can never see this film too many times. In fact, go watch it right now before you even finish reading this! Kidding (sorta) 😉

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