Costumes Made for Drama

Hello all!

I’ve finally decided to start a blog after months (okay, fine, years) of mulling it over. If you love period dramas (how could one not?), this is the site for you!

I myself have been crazy about period dramas since before I can remember, but in addition to that, I also have an immense passion for fashion. Whenever I watch a period film or miniseries, I find myself constantly immersed in not only the riveting plot but also the stunning costumes, hair and makeup. What’s more is I often see these same styles and beauty looks appearing, however subtle, in modern trends as well as through Jane Austen fanatics selling their amazing wares on Etsy  (You can see what I mean here). It’s a testament to the fact that true style is utterly timeless.

Love Costume Dramas? Of Corset You Do!

Alright, cheesy pun aside, corsets are a huge part of period drama fashion. As uncomfortable as they may be, there is something so elegantly seductive about them. I’m not suggesting you lace up your stays and start donning a corset, but corset-like styles can definitely be implemented in today’s clothes.

One great example comes from my own wedding dress. I recently celebrated my very first wedding anniversary on August 10th, and I couldn’t help but reminisce about that special day and my equally special dress. The silhouette of my dress was a very contemporary trumpet style, but when it came time to do the tailoring, I decided to shell out some extra cash to have a lace-up back sewn in instead of keeping the button-up one that it came with. It was definitely worth the money! My lace-up back dress made me feel like a modern day Lizzie Bennet or Margaret Hale or Rose DeWitt Bukater or any other period drama heroine that you can think of.

lace-up back wedding dress, trumpet style
Me rockin’ my lace-up back wedding dress

Even if you’re not picking out a wedding dress anytime soon, you can still find ways to don corset-inspired fashions. Check these out for example and either click on the link below or click on the pics to find out where to buy:

Forever 21
lace-up back dress, period drama fashion
From Windsor. Perfect for date night with a modern day Mr. Darcy!
lace-up front top, modern period drama style
If you’re feeling especially daring, try a corset-inspired look in the front.
Black lace up cami
corset style, lace-up heels
Even shoes can be corset-inspired!

As you can see, corset-esque, lace-up clothes and even shoes are oh-so-stylish with just a hint of period drama flair. You may not be able to (or want  to) wear a corset like your favorite period drama heroines, but you can still find ways to incorporate the lace-up corset style into your wardrobe.

Now bask in the power of period drama corsets!

Period dramas and corsets: Downton Abbey, Gone with the Wind, The Paradise

Let me know in the comments your favorite period drama corset moment, or let me know a period drama fashion trend you would like me to talk about in my next blog! xoxo


13 thoughts on “Costumes Made for Drama

  1. I never thought of lace up shoes as a corset style, but you’re totally right: They are very similar! My favorite corset moment is when Keira Knightly faints in Pirates!


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